Quotes Love it! My grandchild is so happy as well as me. The teachers are amazing! Caring, nurturing, and loving. They have a very strong education. The place is extremely clean for an older building, once a local antique shop. The Mount Airy Happy Time School is more than a great place for learning. Their animals (goats) allow the children to receive first hand experiences instead of just reading about them in a book. THANK YOU MOUNT AIRY! Quotes
Happy Grandma

Quotes I visited most daycares in the area before selecting the Pennington Happytime School. There is no gourmet chef or high-tech video cameras for you to log in to at work, but at the end of the day, you just want to feel your child is safe and cared for..and at HappyTime, the owners and staff are just wonderful and make me feel that way. It is such a genuine positive atmosphere. They are affordable and very accommodating to your needs and circumstances. I did many "random pop-in's" in the beginning and everytime was welcomed right in. When my child was sick, they comforted her until I could get there. My daughter is such a happy kiddo everytime I pick her up at the end of the day, it makes me smile. The transition of bringing your kid for the first time to a daycare is tough, but the staff has made this such a great experience for me and my family. Quotes
Happy Mom

Quotes Phenomenal equals Pennington Happy Time School! Every aspect of early childhood education covered. As a parent of 3 small children, and on their third daycare center, PHT had far exceeded my expectations. From the moment my children attended they were treated like family members. The owners are hands on and take part in the children?s daily learning while creating a warm and loving atmosphere that helps ease any guilt of sending your child to day care. Their teacher turnover is exceptionally low to non-existent showing stability for children. Other centers try to live up to a ?Montessori Approach? which has been shown to only be existent right before the center is to be certified. PHT?s only approach is that your child is an individual and should be treated that way. A school that takes pride, works with your children and does not just consider them a paycheck. Thank you Pennington Happy Time School for molding my children into well developed individuals! Quotes
Tammy White

Quotes The Happy Time School in Lambertville, NJ was a great experience for both of my children! My children thrived at the school, socially, emotionally as well as educationally. The staff was excellent, and treated the kids like family. It was a familiar, comfortable place for my children and they were excited to get to school every day! As a parent, I could not have asked for a better experience with a daycare and introduction to a school setting. Quotes
Satisfied Mom

Quotes Both my boys have attended Happy Time in Pennington since they were infants. It was the only school I looked at after my oldest was born 6 years ago. Not only was it affordable, the staff was so warm and welcoming. Just knowing that I could call anytime during the day to check on the boys helped with the transition of returning to work. By the time my 2nd was born I knew he would be with 'extended family' and not just at daycare. The growth and development I have seen in my children as well as their eagerness to learn stems from their time at Happy Time. I couldn't be more pleased with the school and their excellent faculty! Quotes
Mother of 2 boys

Quotes My daughter has been attending Happy Time since she was 18 months old and is now 3. Since her time there she has learned so much more than expected. The programs that are offered are incredible ways to teach her new things as well. The consistancy and on going support that is displayed is so important to her development. The staff goes out of there way to accommodate both her and I. I became a single mom during the past year and everyone there became family to me. They have helped me in any way they could and have been more than understanding. I am so grateful for the love and care they have given to us. We love you Happy Time!!!! Quotes
Kristin Eddy
Grateful Mom

Quotes The Happy Time Daycare in Lambertville was my third and final daycare facility for my child. The first two places were duds, an in-home facility and then another local school. Happy Time not only followed it's business name, but gave my daughter and family a great experience of family, fun, and learning. Clean facility, follows state mandated ratios, rules and regulations and the staff is by far excellent! Quotes
Satisfied Parent in Lambertville

Quotes I had my first son and he started at Happy Time at six weeks. I had to return to work and I must say that I was very nervous, just like all new moms would be. The Happy Time staff was so welcoming and accepting. I called throughout the day, every day. They answered all my questions and all the staff is so sweet and caring. I would recommend Happy Time to anyone. It is a very home-like atmosphere, unlike the corporate daycare centers. My son has accomplished so much and he is only 8 months old. Thank you, Happy Time! Quotes

Quotes My son spent his first year at home, so when it came time to start socializing him, of course we were nervous about leaving our first born with "strangers." Needless to say, the staff at Happy Time not only assuaged our fears, but were so down to earth and accommodating of all our quirks, that we were quickly smitten with the place. The teachers have been knowledgeable and caring, being sure to share with us every milestone via picture message, not to mention the sudden advancements our son has shown with his speech and manners since being in their care. The home-like atmosphere and camaraderie amongst the staff and parents makes it comfortable for both us and our child. Quotes
Heather Baldwin
High School Teacher

Quotes My husband and I are thrilled to post our support and satisfaction for the Happy Time School that our son and daughter attend in Mount Airy, NJ. The staff at Happy Time are more like "family" then "faculty" and they have been so supportive for both our children as they grow and develop. We are extremely pleased with the programs at Happy Time School including gymnastics, science classes, field trips and the everyday learning atmosphere. Our extended family is always so impressed with how much our son knows and how excited he is about learning and going to "school". We have Happy Time School to thank for that. Thank you for the past great years and we look forward to Happy Time School's participation in the growth and development of our children in the years to come. Happy New Year!! Quotes
Liz Woodfield
Mom of two children at Happy Time