Does all staff have First Aid/CPR training?

Yes. All of our staff has the required First Aid/CPR certifications from the American Red Cross, including the following:

  • Pediatric First Aid
  • Child CPR/AED
  • Adult CPR/AED
  • Infant CPR
  • First Aid
  • Epinephrine Auto-Injector Training (Epi-Pen)

Is the center licensed?

Yes. Our center is certified by the State of New Jersey.

What meals and supplies do I need to provide?

Each child will need breakfast, lunch, and a morning and afternoon snack each day. On Fridays, the school provides pizza for the children for an additional $3.00/child. Each child will need linens for naptime such as a blanket, sheet, sleeping bag, pillow or any type of naptime comforting item. Infants and Toddlers will need any necessary diapering supplies such as diapers, pull-ups, ointments, or powders. It is suggested that all parents keep an extra set of clothes in their child's cubby box incase they are needed.

What type of payment does the Happy Time School accept?

Happy Time accepts checks, cash and credit cards.

What are your hours of operation?

The Happy Time School is open from 7:30am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday all year round.

Can I choose from a full-time or part-time schedule?

Yes. We have many different options for full-time and part-time schedules for our Infant, Toddler, Pre-School and Pre-K classrooms.

Is the Director conveniently available to answer questions?

Yes. Our Director is at our facility on a full-time basis and can be reached at all times throughout the day. Our Assistant Director and Supervisors are in contact with the Director many times throughout the day if she is not at the facility for any reason. Our Assistant Director and Supervisors are also adequately trained to fulfill any duties the Director needs to be done throughout the day.

How frequent are diaper changes?

Diapers changes are done every two hours, unless a BM occurs or otherwise noted by the parent of the child.

Is the provider willing to take notes on a baby's daily schedule and activities?

Yes. Each Infant and Toddler gets a daily sheet each day. Each daily sheet has the time of diaper changes, meals, and activities.

Do you accept financial and/or state aid?

Yes. The Happy Time School accepts NORWESCAP, CCC and BCCAP.

Is there sibling discounts?

Yes. There is a 15% sibling discount off the highest tuition rate.

Is nap or rest time offered?

Yes. Our infants have two naptimes throughout the day: morning and afternoon. Our toddlers and Pre-School/PK students nap in the afternoon. Each child has their own individual cot.